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You have joined us already and would love to include our therapy practice to your monthly wellbeing routine, but you are on a budget? Pets Yoga introduces its membership, giving you access to our booking system for one booking per month* -one person-, a 15% discount for all your sessions and a free ticket for one guest.

How does it work? Once you have booked, you will receive a coupon code for 12 uses for one ticket of puppy or kitten yoga session -worth 396 pounds instead of 468, saving more than 15% per ticket- that you can use for up to 16 months*. The coupon code applies to the customer email address. You can also invite a guest for one event by emailing us at

For every single event, the studio is located in London zone 1 or 2. The precise location will be sent to customers 5 days prior to the event (please check your spams). If you are not happy with the location, you can email us to get an exchange (at last 3 days before the event).

The names of the tickets holders are checked before the class, do not resell tickets to a tierce person. Pets Yoga reserves the right to refuse a customer whose name is not registered on our system.

Refund policy: Tickets can be exchanged until 3 days before the event.

Offer available for a monthly class subscription for a single attendee, can not be used for a group booking.

*membership can be extended to 16 months in case of customer availability up to 2 months during the period, or in case of annual closing of the club.