Pets Yoga is a Yoga Club based in London combining our passion for yoga and our love for pets! 

We offer yoga classes in London with pets : puppy yoga classes, kitten yoga classes or baby rabbit yoga classes depending on our mood! 






Pets Yoga aims to combine the relaxation virtues provided by yoga and baby pets companionship . Cuddling pets can be beyond stress-relieving, this is why we incorporated it to our Yoga sessions.



All our animals are invited to our classes through pets owners, licensed breeders or charities. We offer them the chance to learn how to socialize with people in a  relaxing environment. And what is better than a fun and peaceful yoga class to do so? 



We don't do yoga with pets but surrounded by pets, all of them are free to move around our yoga attendees, play, and come to cuddle during / between the exercises which is part of their socialization learning process.



We pay particular attention about the breeders we work with and only select ethical and caring pets owners with the highest standards. All our pets are healthy, vet checked and loved! 

Pets Yoga long term goal is to work with charities which could be such an amazing way to connect people with a new furry friend !




The precise class location is sent to customers by email 5 days before the event. If you are not happy with the location, you can email us to get refunded (at least 3 days before the event). 

The names of the tickets holders are checked before the class, do not resell tickets to third parties. Pets Yoga reserves the right to refuse a customer whose name is not registered on our system. 

Pets Yoga invite the pets attending the class. For safety and security reasons, yoga attendees are not allowed to bring their own pets. 

Pets Yoga does not sell pets, there is no pets trading or adopting within Pets Yoga. 

Visit our VIDEOS page to discover the experience!