Pets Yoga aims to combine the relaxation virtues of yoga and play / cuddling times with pets!

We are passionate about pets, mental and physical wellbeing. During our sessions, we alternatively mix very gentle yoga with no balancing positions and cuddles times with our furry guests.

We created and introduced the concepts of "puppy yoga", "kitten yoga" and "bunny yoga" to the UK in 2018 and we are since then known as the "Cuteness Overload Club".


All our pets are invited to our classes through reputable breeders or charities.

"Where do they come from?" we often hear. They come from their loving family home for a play day and come back home after the day. As simple as a puppy (kitten/bunny) day care.

They are invited to our sessions at the age of 8 to 13 weeks old.

We offer them the chance to learn how to socialize with people in a  relaxing environment.

Socialization is key for small pets before they go to their forever home. It builds their confidence and makes them ready to enter the outside World. This idea is very beneficial for humans as well : a release of the chemicals dopamine and oxytocin is triggered in the brain when humans look at puppies.


We don't do yoga with pets but surrounded by them.

All the pets are as free to move, play, tease and cuddle our attendees during the yoga session as part of their socialization learning process.

Why yoga? We wanted to create the most calming, relaxing environment for humans and pets.

Not overwhelm pets by to much attention, and give people this time to strech, relax and switch off.

Why not also giving them an excuse to exercise? This is how Pets Yoga is born, combining 50% of yoga -surrounded by pets- and 50% cuddling time!


We pay particular attention about the breeders we work with and only select ethical and caring pets owners with the highest standards. All our pets are healthy, vet checked and loved! 

Pets Yoga long term goal is to work with charities which could besuch an amazing way to connect people with a new furry friend !


The age limit for our classes is the age of 6. Children from 6 to 16 must be accompanied by a guardian during the session.

All our attendees must fill a safety form prior to the session for the pets safety and their own.

This form has been updated with a COVID-19 section to insure you attend our sessions safely.

All our staff members are first aid and dog first aid trained.

Pets Yoga invites the pets attending the class. For safety and security reasons, yoga attendees are not allowed to bring their own pets. 


Getting tickets

Tickets are on sale on www.petsyoga.com, section "Book Tickets".

The upcoming events and tickets opening times and dates are pre-announced in our website homepage and on Instagram a few days prior to the tickets opening.

Tickets tend to sell quickly, please be aware that tickets are not saved in your basket until the end of the check out.


The price per ticket is:

39 pounds for puppy yoga events,

30 pounds for kitten yoga events,

27 pounds for bunny yoga events.

Sessions times

Our sessions times can be subject to change but are usually:

10.00-11.00am, 11.30am-12.30pm, 2.00-3.00pm and 3.30-4.30pm.


We use the best venues in London to make your experience unforgettable!

All our events are hold in London zone 1 or 2 in secret venues.

The precise class location is sent to customers by email 5 days prior to the event.

If you are not happy with the location, you can email us to get a refund (at least 3 days before the event). 


Yoga mats are provided to our dear attendees for all our events.

The refund policy is indicated in the information email attendees receive 5 days prior to the event. A full refund is possible only if you email us prior to the cancellation deadline indicated in the email (usually 3 days prior to the event).

Refunds: Customers buying tickets less than 3 days prior to the event day (last minute ticket due to a cancellation) must be aware that they are purchasing tickets after the cancellation deadline, and that the tickets are therefore non refundable.

Refunds or vouchers are not possible for attendees missing the event and emailing during or after the event day.

In case of illness related to COVID, we can’t extend our
refund Policy we are afraid, otherwise we won’t be able to operate and run
events. However, attendees are exceptionnally allowed to resell or gift tickets
to a friend, and to email us with the new guests full names and email addresses
in CC.

Attendees have to sign our safety form prior to the event to be granted access to our session.

The names of the tickets holders are checked before the class, do not resell tickets to third parties. Pets Yoga reserves the right to refuse a customer whose name is not registered on our system. 

Lost items: Pets Yoga declines any responsability for lost items in our studios. We however provide assistance in case of lost items we find after an event in the premices.


Like Google, Mark & Spencer, Channel E4 and other brands, your company can organize a private event with us : Corporate, Press or Media yoga session.

We also organize private events for any of your personal occasions: Hen Do, birthday celebrations, or just for the sake of gathering with friends for a puppy love therapy!

Just email us at contact@petsyoga.com and we will organize the best day for you!